Seriously be Jealous

I just got back from one of AMtheYogini's classes and it was a treat. A delight. A little piece of joy in the middle of this week.

She is basically at the intern stage of her training where now she is practicing teaching her own class and gaining confidence (she's got it) and experience with the flow of a class and how to run it. I was invited along and I jumped at the opportunity.

I've posted a little about AMtY and the style of Yoga she practices here but a brief recap. The style of Yoga is Vinyasa which literally translated means: "to place in a special way".  This kind of practice really links The Breath to the movement. 

Anyways class was fantastic. 8 of AMtY's friends in a room at her apartment all gathered for the practice of Vinyasa and supporting AMtY. What could be better? 

We kind of jumped right into it. I think after reflecting on the class the only thing I would suggest would be AMtY we all know you but introduce yourself and the class. Hi I'm AMtY and this is a ____ hr class in the practice of ______. We are going to focus on _______. Anyways that is the only suggestion I have.
The Breath Should be like this feeling in the back of your
 throat only with your mouth closed. Image Source

I LOVED the explanation of The Breath. it made sense! I've been to 4-5 of S's classes at my normal studio but this is the first time The Breath has been explained so I get it. And so simple. Feel it at the back of your throat just like you are breathing out Haaaaa to fog up a mirror. That is it! Only do it with you mouth close. 

I knew it was going to be a great class (practice?) after AMtheYogini explained this. What is great about this was it was in a room of 8 people all gathered to support AMtY and go through the class. Amazing energy. Very friendly and open. A great practice but still informal enough so you can ask those questions while in the position (like Should I feel this in my butt?) rather than waiting to the end of class in studio class. The people gathered were at totally different levels (hello beginner here) but it was great to see what the positions I have been practicing for the past few weeks can transition into with some more practice. 

AMtY has a way of simplifying what can be difficult to picture into a way that anyone can get it. For example I've been having a hard time keeping my shoulders down and back on warrior 2. Down and back. Sounds vague. Or at least I've found it vague for 5 classes but standing in warrior 2 with palms down AMtY just says "flip you palms up to the sky pretend you are holding heavy platters then lightly turn your palms back down." Instantly my shoulders fell down and back into the proper alignment. I really  love her imagery. Something as simple as an explanation linked to such an easy image just makes it click.
Triangle Pose Image Source
Oh oh oh the second HUGE adjustment for me was in triangle pose. Shoot your hip back and lengthen along you arm. Watching and matching those movements was key. It clicked. This was the first class I got triangle. Before I think I was just crunching my hips and back.  I loved it.

This was also my first class where The Breath was linked to rapid movement. Inhale move, exhale move, inhale move exhale move. The beginner class I've been taking is definitely. Inhale Move exhale inhale hang out in the pose for a while inhale move. Which is perfectly fine and for a beginner's class it works well but it was eye opening to just watch AM flow (perfect word flow) through the movement. Total awe struck. In beginner's class you hear about The Breath but to see it, again, just clicked.

Oh and when AMtY just 'flips' legs you expect there to be a fairy tinkling sound in the air as she literally floats her fight leg from between her hands back to a lunge as SIMULTANEOUSLY she brings her left to between her hands. Seriously. Where is the fairy twinkle music? 

This was also the first class where I had hands on adjustments which changes the practice and I think is another thing that is different from beginner's to a more advance class. Not sure how I feel about it yet. 

Definitely learned in class what I consider the bright line test on what is the difference between beginners to advance class is whether you work with gravity or against gravity? In the beginners class going into something like the T? (tree?) pose we have been using gravity to help us "fall" into place where as with AMtY's class we were trying (strike that I WAS TRYING and most of everyone else were succeeding) to go from a high lunge with crescent moon (AMtY help me out on the poses names please) to a standing tree. HA! My legs are the strongest part of my body but they aren't that strong. (yet). Also the length of poses during the explanation for the next pose was longer than I was use to which I think is just another difference between the beginner's class I've been taking and AMtY's. 

I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this class. It is wonderful to see someone you know realize a dream and reach to achieve it. The energy and joy the pursuit of a passion creates is inspiring. AMtY has a blog here and I encourage you all to check it out. If you are ever in the area take one of her classes. This is an instructor who is only going to continue to grow into her own. Her confidence is great and if this class, as one of her first 'post' training classes is any indication, anyone who studies the practice under her is going to be better for it. 

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Ashleigh said...

Thank you thank you thank you Kate!! I appreciate your words and cannot wait until our next practice on Tuesday!!! The pose to which you were referring as "T" is actually open half moon pose or ardha chandrasana in sanskrit. I will definitely transition from standing next time until we all strengthen our abdominals and quadriceps a bit more! Great practice!! and i love your blog!!!

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