148 Days

It has been 148 days since I ran the 2012 Houston Half Marathon.

Maybe it has taken met this long to forget how nervous I was before the race. Maybe it has taken me this long to to forget how bad miles 9 on sucked during the race. Maybe it has taken me this long to get over my embarrassment at walking down stairs after the race. 
Or maybe I remember how fun it was running with Marshmallow for 13.1 miles. Or maybe I remember how great the hug at the finish line was. Or maybe I remember the sense of accomplishment I feel.
Regardless, I just signed up for the 2013 Houston Half Marathon Lottery.
 I'll chalk it up to a little of both but mainly this is the first time since the lottery registration has opened that I have had 2 minutes online to sign up.
So fingers crossed my name will be picked on June 25th, 2012.

If you want to join me: Register for the Houston Armaco Half Marathon you have from now until June 21st 2012.
Until then run on my friends!

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