Call off the search parties....

RB75 is back. My focus might still be wavering but I am back. I took a bit more than a week off as I had family duties and a mini vacation. I had full intentions of running but was not disciplined enough to follow through. Hats off to all Moms and Dads out there who can find time after or before or even during to get out there and workout while with the kiddie 24-7 I couldn't get it figured out. Maybe next time? 

Also, hats off to all who can travel and get runs in. I was able to get some amazing runs while on a West coast vacation to a new place last year. I actually consider some of those runs a highlight of my trip. You will be surprise the things you find when you just lace your shoes up and head out of a hotel door. Anyways, I was not able to accomplish the same feat with my East coast trip this time. I think it had to do with my guilt about wanting to see everyone I could for as long as possible so going for runs didn't seem fair especially when my amazing friends drove 4 hours to see me for 3. Something for me to think about the next time I travel and maybe my experience will make you think about your trips. Do you exercise or take "you time" on trips? If not, why? 

So back to the grind and a race fast approaching on Saturday. I'll post details afterwards. I am nervous about my performance even sitting 30,000 feet in the air I think I am going to be in for a ruder awakening than my conservative self is prepared for. 

I wrote this post over a week ago on the flight back from my second hometown. The race was a rude awakening(I blame the sand) but gave me the kick in the pants to buy new shoes, set a bar for time and get re motivated to get out there.

I am currently sidelined with flu like symptoms which as of thirty minutes ago have turned into hives all over my face. But I now have a new most embarrassing story which ends with an amazing friend literally giving me the shirt off her back. I will get back out there ASAP until then run on readers I will join you soon.

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