Ice baths and chocolate milk

I blogged a while ago about my first ice bath and the cool down it provided after a long run with Slade Runner. I wanted to update you all on a blurb  I read by Liz Applegate, PH.D in the October 2011 "Runner's World" magazine:


According to a study released by the University of Montana this year participants who rode an exercise bike for 90 minutes to deplete their glycogen levels then over the next four hours intermittently soaked one leg in an ice bath while sipping a carbohydrate recovery drink researchers found that the iced leg re lodged only half as much glycogen as the leg that was not iced. 

I may continue to ice as a treat after my runs in death valley like heat but now I know according to this study I am hindering my recovery time. 

Good news from the same article for me and anyone else who uses chocolate milk as a post workout recovery drink "CHOCOLATE MILK HELPS YOU LOSE BODY FAT". Score!

In other news I have recovered from the flu and in the past two days I have done 2 classes and made it to a post happy hour 4 mile run with Slade. Really proud of myself the last two days. Also pst flu really focusing on eating healthy, mostly vegan with some vegetarian moments and one night of chinese that included meat.

Hope everyone else is reaching for their goals and pushing to attain them!

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Rylan - Art and Appetite said...

Oooh, that is some interesting info. Thanks for sharing. I love milk...but since I am vegan, I like chocolate soy milk! YUM!

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