Not quiet so speedy.
4 pounds lighter and a healthy ego brusing experience later, I've recovered from the terrible disgusting flu that infected me last week. I bought a new pair of shoes (finally- details later) and Slade Runner challenged me to a speed work out. With new shoes itching for a run and enthusastic pit crew, Kai (not his real name), my 10 year old Anime charater brother trying to delay his bed time I headed out to the local elementary school for a track work out.
LESSONS LEARNED (and there were many).
* Do recon.
The entire drive to the school I'm explaining to Kai, 4 laps equal a mile and how to work a stop watch and what to do etc. We arrive and this is not a standard track. I have no idea how long it is, there is a weird jog in the straight away and it is hard cracked asphalt. BAD!
* Come prepared
Two words: Bug Spray
The bugs and the frustration over the weird track was enough to kill me after two laps but after looking at the times it is probably close enough to a standard length to use. I'm going to try again tonight on my own if it is too close to Kai's bed time. The goal is to warm up, run 1 mile at 12-13 minutes pace then rest 4 minutes and then run 1 mile as fast but as consistent as I can to give me a base for determining pace. I still need to work on my base which is freaking me out.
What are you waiting for? Get out there too.

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