Alene is Amazing


Simply wow. I was surfing blogger blogs for running blogs to get an idea for layouts/information included etc and found Journey to Badwater absolutely inspirational. Check it out from July 13-17 to follow Alene on her journey from Badwater and back to Telescope Peak as she competes against herself and raises funds for a Cancer Center. Check out her blog for donation information.

Which leads to another question I have been pondering, Houston Marathon does Run for a Reason where runners can easily fundraise for a cause with more than 20+ official charities listed. My dilemma is choosing which one. Two that instantly came to mind was the USO ( shout out to Sgt. Pensyl who is currently over in the sandbox and my friends Chopp, Batten, Baer, Wise, Deillinger, de Leon) or MdAnderson. Two separate causes but both I feel very passionately about. However, neither are listed and I cannot figure out (yet)if I can still fundraise or if I should just pick a charity from the list. If I go with the list there are a few that are at the top of my list:
Child Advocates
Snowdrop Foundation
Young Texans Against Cancer

More to mull over.

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