First Run

The day I found out I was selected to run the Houston Marathon I went out for an "easy three" which was not so easy. I ran the first mile no issue but had to run/walk the last two. it is a start.

The time gave me a chance to reflect on the last nine+ months of my studies and how time, determination and a will to succeed (I will not suck seed!) will get you through almost anything. When I graduated college with a double major in Accounting and Finance I had no clue what I was going to do. I fell into accounting much as I am "falling" into running. I craved security in my profession and wanted something stable. I was told with my fourth college accounting class that I would never go far and should not expect to get my CPA by my professor in office hours. Well determination got me through and I am an ethics test away from including a few more letters behind my name. I am just going to have to apply the same stubborn determination to running sadly there is no Tim Gearty or Peter Olinto (I still want my cup of coffee) guiding the way but I will figure it out.

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