My First Race

My first race, Warrior Dash,was in November 2010 and was done as a reward for sitting the first two parts of my certification. I have to admit I was motivated more by the concert and free beer on completion than the 5k itself but still had a blast and learned a lot about my first race.

1 hour, 2 miles. Even I don't run that slow.

First Lesson:
When the race directors say arrive an hour early add an extra hour. I made great time until the last two miles (see photo left). Thankfully even though I missed my wave I was still able to run.

Second Lesson:
Okay not a new lesson but one I had not experienced in awhile and no picture needed Port-a-Potties are gross and they only get worse throughout the day. Go at the gas station when you stop for gas or right when you get there. It is easier to maneuver clothes when dry and clean than wet and full of mud.

Third Lesson:
There is this thing called bag check and it can save you a long walk back to your car.

Fourth Lesson:
Packet pick up can be chaotic. Chips are something that goes on your shoe for timing and are not an after race snack. Be prepared to stab yourself with a safety pin once or twice. 
Ohhh that kind of chip. Drat. I'm hungry.

Fifth Lesson:
The walls you were stressing about are not as high as you imagined. The fire is.

Sixth Lesson:
Bring extra garbage bags. They can be used to hold dirty clothes, given out to new friends and are excellent seat protectors for the long drive home.

While my time was terrible, I walked away with what I wanted, a muddy fun time away from a windowless office with study material as thick as a phonebook. The race drew a social "Keep Austin Weird" crowd.  I loved the party attitude and wished I had a group to run with. I felt like I was left out of some of the fun by running solo.

If you plan on running Warrior Dash - I advise get a group together, no matter the fitness level or pace time dress up and have a blast. My favourite group during my start time was a group of about 12 friends running as the holidays. The Easter bunny was fast but Mardi Gras struggled so all the Holidays would meet at the obstacles but race the in between parts on their own. Great attitude and I think everyone walked away happy. Have fun get muddy, have a beer at the end, dance the cupid shuffle with your buffalo hat on and mug for the cameras. Embrace it, this is a race for a PBR not a PR.

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