Ice Ice Baby

Literally I am sitting in my first ever ice bath shivering trying to compose this post on my iTouch while shaking. Ahhhhh cold!!! 20 lb of ice.... Thank you Slade Runner (not his real name).

But let's go back we are going to Tarantino this and go back to the beginning of why is RunningBear75 turning blue and shivering? Well let's go back...

So workout in hotel gym (7/13) not that good. I did an hour on the elliptical (not a fan of that machine) I tried the treadmill but when the whole machine is shaking and ever foot fall is amplified THUMP! Thump! THUMP! And you are in a room the size of a shoe box kind of makes you a little self conscience so elliptical for an hour. Check.

Get back Thursday face time and great dinner with the family heavy dinner so no run. I practiced my corpus pose for Yoga but that was it.

Now today. Back to the HQ at work got in early, left late. No plans for tonight except I want to get
a good solid run in. Which made it perfect when Slade Runner texted me:
"Hey, you wanna do a hills run tonight? I need to get out but I have been way short on motivation."

Perfect!!! Now the last time I was out running with Slade was precrazy studying. He was also breaking into barefoot running so we were closer in pace than I know we are now.  I said yes anyways taking it as a challenge and I always learn something new or get some pointers or an amazing book recommendation(Born to Run (there is your shout out Slade!)) etc. Well I didn't think the man was going to kill me but it felt at one point he was going to succeed.

I challenge everyone reading to find a running friend who is a few levels ahead of you and on a light/rest day for them join them on a run. It is a great challenge. Especially on the uphills when you are sucking wind but have a friend on your side talking/storytelling cause they know where your energy is going but recognize that if they go quiet that little evil voice will be easier to hear. You know that voice. The voice that says: Ouch. My knee, it is too far, just start walking, come on just walk. You have been sitting for the last 9 months you are too out of practice.....EVIL little voice. So while you might not be able to fully focus on their story because mentally you are trying to convince your legs to keep churning a friend talking at your side is invaluable. Better than music in my opinion. 

I met Slade at his house and we jogged to the park to drop our water bottles and then started the hill loop. Oh man I was sucking wind. I don't think I walked any of the first loop other than a stretch break at the top of the second hill. Smaller strides, quicker turn over. Knees up. Head up. Breathe deep. Mentally, I was going okay one loop I'm good. I'm good. Okay one and done fine..... Nope we are doing two. 

Second loop, run up first hill, practice walking downhill landing on the balls of the foot then lightly running the flat, walking again. A quick stretch then we sprinted up the next. It was amazing. I would have soared over the top but had to wait for the cross traffic. I got goosebumps sprinting. Awesome. 

The jog back to the park not so hot. My back on the lower left spazzed once and we walked a bit but it was a good feeling to go out and get some hills in. You are able to do more than you think you are capable of doing. 

Map of the run.

So ice bath. A recommendation and why not. Sweating my behind off and its 100 degrees out so ice bath sounds ...refreshing. I told the guy at the gas station that my trainer recommended. White lie? Not really. But the look on his face definitely said "Wait, you have a trainer?". I have some ways to go.

Twenty pounds of ice and some cold water. That is how RunningBear75 ended up in an ice bath. Hopefully it helps in the morning. Cause it was freezing during.

Quick Lessons learned:
I need new socks.
Yeah that is for real.

Get out of cotton shirts and invest in some fabric that wicks the sweat away.

Chocolate Milk after a run is delicious!

Running with other people is a great way to push yourself.

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