Second Race

Another Warrior Dash but this time I incorporated the lessons learned from my first Warrior Dash. My friend C-Bear (not his real name) and I arrived, bladders empty, in costume and ready for a muddy good time. Armed with the loose change found in the couches that C-Bear was surfing while figuring out his living situation he came up with the following marvelous outfits:


My time was worst than the first race as a result of busy season and the hardest (for me) of my exam sections. That terrible combination lead to 18-20+ work/study weekdays and long hours of class and studying on the weekends. I gave myself no room for running or a social life but when WarriorDash came less than 30 minutes away from H-Town and a few weeks after my exam I had to talk C-Bear into flying down for a weekend  and running with me.

With the goal of having a good time it was a blast. Had I set any pace/time goals other than beating C-Bear I would have been disappointed. I did not beat C-Bear but we had a blasty.

The weather was a heck of a lot warmer and the crowd wasn't quite as rabucious as the Austin group (yeah that is right Conroe I'm calling you out) but the logistics of the race was spot on (parking and buses to the race course was a breeze) and the beer was just as cold as the first race. All in all a lot of fun and will still reccomend this race to friends looking for a good time.

It helps when you convince a friend from out of state to fly down, run with you, give you their beer tokens and be your DD. C-Bear, you're my hero.

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