Midweek Run Report

7/24/2011 Yoga
Another great class. I am amazed at how much how after each class I am enjoying it more and more. I find myself telling random people about it (you, the cashier at the department store, coworkers, coworker's friends). Dear, Yoga Studio, the word of mouth has been spreading and ya'll are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up.

The points that I normally share:

  • I go to the same weekly class. I love the instructor and how she encourages it is our hour, our practice and she just strings together suggestions. 
  • It is not about outward appearance but keeping your breath with the movement and feeling it. So what I can't get my heels on the ground in downward dog. I'm a heck of a lot closer than when I started. 
  • No mirrors. No judgement. Everyone is welcome and everyone shows up.
If you are thinking about it I encourage you to try it.

7/25/2011 Run
Some small debate on the exact mileage but upwards of 7 with a max of 10. 2 hours 10 minutes. The grade was similar to the first hill run I did on the 15th just a longer distance. The first part of the run was great I kind of felt like an eager puppy (is that weird?) next to Slade pushing him to go out harder but I paid for it on the back end more walking than I wanted but I'll get there.

Lessons learned:
For me I do better when I am running in a friend's territory especially in a neighborhood I don't know. Does that sound sketchy? Let me explain. If you are out for a long run and you aren't setting the route other than making a suggestion at the beginning or strenuously suggestion a stretch break all you have to do is run.

Yep that's right I write out notes on my lessons learned.
If ya'll are nice I'll show you  what motivates me.
You are probably thinking well, R.B75 that is all you do. And I must say nein! If you are out on your own it is a constant chatter:  "do I want to push it and go out another mile which adds two to my run? Ugh last time I ran this route I was at a 8 minute mile (ha one day) and this time I'm at a 14? I might as well give up now. What is going on with my stomach? Ohhh look puppies! Ouch blister/knee/ flux capacitor"

Okay at least that is what is going through my head on some solo longer runs. It is easy to settle into a pattern and not push yourself as hard as you can, at least it is for me. However, if you are in an area you aren't as familiar with you just follow your friends lead. Slade goes right. I go right. Last time we did two hills this time we are changing it up with a loop. Awesome lets do this! There is no pattern, no serious thought.You can tune into your body and tune out of the mind chatter while you listen to your friends take on different topics eg theology(amazingly this is a great running topic and really gives you some food for thought).  Again, I recommend, find a friend to run with especially in the beginning of your training.

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for developing you mental endurance on some solo runs and I will focus on this later in my training but for me right now this is helping. I'm building my base, my confidence and I'm able to run at night without my parents getting as worried about me. All bonuses in my book.

In terms of hardware on the run I was pretty happy with Adidas performance socks I picked up on Saturday. I still got some hot spots but they developed at a further mileage point (6 rather than 3) than when I was in the C9s. I am still aiming to get out of cotton tops before my next run. Absolutely need new running shoes.

I've saved a small chocolate milk plastic container to carry with me on the next run to see if that helps with hydration. Though it was kind of cool to get a drink out of a sprinkler.

Oh! I meet an Iron Man finisher too! Hello inspiration. Just Slade's neighbour. No big deal. Advice from the Iron Man: "Just put one foot in front of the other." A retro take on the little engine that could? Me thinks so.

Can't wait to get out again. I'm trying to get three in today or Thursday at the latest. Silly life is getting in the way. (post on that later).

Mileage total: 7-10
Effort: 8-9
Pros: Felt really great going into it.
Cons: Need to figure out my body's hydration requirements and efforts on hills.
Weather: We might as well have been swimming. Humidity at 100%.

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Slade runner sounds like an awesome individual. Although he is probably using you for sweet chia seed recipes. Don't forget electrolytes as part of your hydration replacement strategy.

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